The Bachelorette Party

Mia had always dreamed of having a bachelorette party in Croatia. She had visited the country once, when she was a teenager, and she had fallen in love with its beauty, culture, and people. She had vowed to return someday, and when her boyfriend, Luca, proposed to her, she knew it was the perfect opportunity. She invited her five best friends, Sara, Elena, Chiara, Giulia, and Sofia, to join her on a week-long trip to the Adriatic coast.

They booked a flight to Split, where they rented a car and drove to a small town near the sea. There, they found a cozy apartment with a balcony overlooking the water. They unpacked their bags, put on their swimsuits, and headed to the beach. They spent the first day relaxing on the sand, swimming in the sea, and sipping cocktails at a nearby bar. They laughed, talked, and took selfies. They enjoyed the sun, the breeze, and the view. They felt happy, free, and alive. The next day, they decided to do something more adventurous. They booked a speedboat tour that would take them to some nearby islands.

They met the skipper Marko who greeted them with a smile and a wink. He showed them the boat, a sleek and shiny vessel with a powerful engine. He gave them some safety instructions, and then invited them to hop on. Marko started the engine, and steered the boat out of the harbour. He accelerated, and the boat sped up. The wind whipped their hair, and the spray splashed their faces. They screamed, and cheered, and clapped. They felt a rush of adrenaline, and excitement.

Marko took them to several islands, each one more beautiful than the last. He showed them the hidden coves, the rocky cliffs, and the sandy beaches. He told them stories about the history, the legends, and the secrets of the islands. He made them laugh, and gasp, and wonder. He also taught them some Croatian words, such as "bog" (hello), "hvala" (thank you), and "ljepota" (beauty). But the word they liked the most was "živili" (cheers). They repeated it after him, and he corrected their pronunciation. They said it every time they toasted, which was often. They had brought some bottles of wine, and some shots of rakija, a local liquor. They drank, and drank, and drank. They felt tipsy, and merry, and wild.

They stopped at one island, where Marko had reserved a table at a local restaurant. They had a late lunch, consisting of fresh seafood, grilled meat, and salad. They ate, and ate, and ate. They felt full, and satisfied, and happy. They also had some more wine, and some more shots. They sang, and danced, and flirted. They made friends with the other guests, and the staff, and the locals. They had fun, and fun, and fun. They felt crazy, and daring, and bold. They decided to do something crazy, and daring, and bold. They decided to get tattoos as soon as get back home. They decided to get the word "živili" tattooed on their legs or arms, as a symbol of their friendship, their adventure, and their joy.

They got back on the boat, and Marko took them back to the mainland. They thanked him, and hugged him, and kissed him. They said they had the best time and the best memories. They said goodbye, and left. They flew back to Italy, where they met their families, their boyfriends, and their friends. They told them about their trip and their adventure. After couple of dayys, they decide to go to the tattoo shop. They did it! They sent Marko their tattoo pictures, their souvenirs from Croatia. Marko couldn’t believed they really done it and was thrilled knowing they’ve had time to remember.